Solve real business problems with custom AI powered apps while safeguarding your data.

To leverage AI, you need to solve some of the simple problems first. Hoist combines the best of no-code workflows with custom built apps, knowledge bases and digital agents. Its AI, but focused on solving actual business problems using actual data.

A screenshot showcasing a user's dashboard within the Hoist platform, and the AI apps that they have in their organisation's internal library.

Safeguard your data

Hoist ensures the safety and confidentiality of your client information, protecting your business's reputation.

Leverage AI

With AI-enhanced apps, you can foster creativity and innovation while maintaining control of your data.

Custom apps

The Hoist team will design and build custom apps for your business, focusing on work-flows that will accelerate your business, with or without AI.

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Hoist is made by EndGame, Wellington based SaaS and AI specialists.

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“Adopting AI is a cultural change in a business and that requires curiosity, accessibility and safety. As with any change, adopting AI can be just as harmful as it can be helpful if these aspects are missing.

The Hoist AI portal is designed to empower your team to experiment with AI and build capability in a controlled environment.

We're on a mission to help companies adopt AI, while staying focused on the value AI can deliver to your business and your customers."

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