Take your team to the next level.

Explore how AI can enhance learning, communication and productivity for your team, and deliver more for your clients.

A screenshot showcasing a user's dashboard within the Hoist platform, and the AI apps that they have in their organisation's internal library.

We have plans to designed to flex to your needs.

Unlimited users
Unlimited apps, to share prompts
Use your* AI key
Single Sign-On (SSO)
*You manage and pay for your LLM consumption directly to OpenAI. GPT4 usage costs significantly more than GPT3.5.
Best for small teams with multiple clients

Business plan

Billed annually.
Shared instance with custom URL
1 workspace
10 GB for shared knowledge bases
Single-step apps
Additional LLMs (coming soon)
Email support
Best for larger teams with multiple clients and projects

Enterprise plan

Talk with the team
Get Hoist tailored to your organisation's needs
Self-hosted within your own environment
Talk to us about plans for 50+ workspaces
Unlimited shared knowledge bases
Multi-step apps
Additional LLMs (coming soon)
Guest access (coming soon)
Account manager support